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Disguising Herself on Clasbul

Because I'm mean... )
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So, I alluded to this on Plurk, but didn't feel like doing it all in plurks, so I came here.

Essay Time! )
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Name:Rebecca aka Becca Stareyes
Personal Blog: [personal profile] beccastareyes
Other Characters at the Enrichment Center: None!
Other Characters at Other RPs: Toph Beifong (Avatar: The Last Airbender), Zelgadis Graywords (Slayers), Melisan (OC), Leedin (NPC) at [community profile] thusia
Lafiel (same account), Tanabe Ai (PlanetES), Georgia Mason (Newsflesh) at [community profile] entanglement_rp
Tazendra Lavode (Dragaera) at [community profile] saudade_rpg (has not intro'd yet)
Urania (Greek myth) at Metemmorphoses on IJ

Email: beccastareyes at gmail
Plurk: [ profile] beccastareyes
IM Service(s): BeccaStareyes on AIM
IRC Nicks: Zelgadis
Timezone and Usual Activity: US Eastern, evenings
Preferred Method?: IRC, AIM or E-mail.

Name: Lafiel (Full name: Abriel Nei Debrusc Borl Paryun Lafiel, and that leaves off her military title.)
Age: 22 (Appears to be in her late teens -- Abh aging is slowed after age 15, and they never really look older than mid-twenties.)
Sex: Female
Eye/Hair Color: Blue and blue
Height/Weight: About average height for an adult female, and slender.
Other: Lafiel has pointed ears, which you can see in most of her icons. She also has a gemlike compound eye in the middle of her forehead that you can't see in most of her icons (under the diamond in her tiara). (Icon above does show its position).

Touching: Sure.
Sex: Unlikely. Ask first. Lafiel has a guy back home (sort of), but the Abh aren't especially monogamous. It will also be fade to black.
Fighting: Sure.
Torture: Ask first.
Death: Ask first.
Squicks: None of note.
Fourth-walling: Sure.
Other: None.
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So, Lafiel's reaction to the Fay'lia offer? Can best be described as 'It's Complicated'. )
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Re-purposing this journal for [ profile] entanglement_rp. I've locked down previous game posts to private. If anyone should need any of those, just give me a message.


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